Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sea, sun, earth. Love.

Like the nights eager lips hush the days innocence,

Like two stars shine –sweet and deeply intent,

Like the moons needy glow feels her waves.

Like a calm tide’s hand caresses a curved beach,

Like two currents -hot and cold- twist and turn,

Like the warm breeze teases the peaking dunes.

Like rolling clouds brim for the storms moan,

Like electricity streaming, screaming to the ground.

Like the shuddering thunder shakes the Earth.

Like sea and earth swirl in rhythmic bliss,

I’ll be there swirling in your love.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Forgotten words

Seems time is wasted,
too often it's lost to waiting.
Play your music and ponder,
"you think too much..."
Seems she only thought too much of you.

You Beat your mind to a pulp,
telling yourself it'll heal with time.
But time'll only heal if you stop staring;
Sepia is a bitter-sweet colour.

Walk on by, cycle swirling thoughts,
stand still and lean, ask yourself again,
why do you wait?

Seems the sun shines cold,
adds little cheer to your day
you prefer the cloud and rain.
"you think too much..."
Seems you think nothing of her at all.

You slice your tears away
just to rid your mind of pain,
you make it bleed in crimson red
and stare blissfully fixated at its serenity.

Just walk on by,
leave the past behind,
stand tall and embrace, ask yourself again,
why don't you smile?

Seems you're losing touch,
can't you see my open hand?
I'm waiting to take you away.
I would do anything to end this,
this vicious cycle that rages within you.

Can't you stop staring at those crimson tears?

I would do anything to stop your blade,
I would do anything to hold you safe,
I would do anything at all,
anything to make you happy,
anything at all.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Silent words

There's something in the air,
muted electricity spins in the breeze.
Thinking fast, thoughts revolve,
time is lost
to the bitter-sweet workings of the mind.

Notions felt honest, it's true,
I saw something change in your gaze that night.
A rosier hue shines,
glistens, echoes through my mind.
But our smiles stutter in a silent conviction.
So why should it be so difficult to speak?
When all the words I need
are spinning thoughts waiting to be uttered.

I've written a thousand pages of thoughts for you,
they're all spoken through my face,
my expressions tell only truths;
Seems without needing to speak,
You've read them all.

So today words may seem hard to find,
but tomorrow;
I see its only shroud shine
in the excitement of something worth shouting about,
in someone worth living to hold.
I want reach out and grasp;
but for the time it would take me to reach
the World may have changed forever.

So let the World change,
Time can only bring me closer to you.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Swimming in the Sun

Drove on by schools of smiling faces,
walking in a weaving linear streak,
dressed in vibrancy,
smiling in the sun.
Their bare legs and chests blessed,
welcomed by the warmth of a breeze as I drove on by.

Parked by surfboards and ice creams stands,
colourful words stained to signs.
Wound down closed windows to
the enticing smell of burgers
lingering, swirling through the salty air.

Sat and stared out to open blue
with wispy streaks
chalked to the sky by a winds slow hand.
Watched as they skipped on through,
the yellow sands contoured
to the patting of small feet
leaving a trail of cheery laughs as they pass by.

Naive and carefree,
young and excited.

Chasing eachother between pitched tents,
leaping, daringly over sore bodies left in the sun.
Twisting, darting between walking pairs;
their perfect serenity broken
by the electricity of being young.

Following the waters glistening edge,
walk a silver haired couple,
hands linked tightly, swinging in the breeze.
Opposite hands close to mouths grip chilled vanilla,
smiling tongues lick in a dignified, reserved manner
as slow steps followed the swelling of a turning tide.

Splash! Towards the distance
playing in the gentle waves,
a dozen boys thrash up shining,
malleable pearls toward one another.
Diving, breaking through the rippling glass.
A scattering of swashed white,
flashed, as stretched bodies disappeared below.

Tap tap, the tapping of an eager foot,
Her bouncing leg on carpet itching to join in.
I turned my head to her,
smirking with my crooked smile
and spoke with muted excitement

"So, what are you waiting for?"

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I often turn to words when the mind is left to wander. Often they show different sides to me, sometimes sides lost to mist. Other times, sides absorbed in the notion of someone; but all are of emotion. All are honest to my heart. I'm often told that my words affect people, they make them think or feel and that: "I should never stop writing"...

Strange then it seems; I haven't written anything meaningful in the longest time. Have I placed my emotions all to ink and paper? I think that I've barely even drafted them.

It seems rather than running out of emotions to talk about that I've succumb to 'expectations' instead. It saddens me to admit it; I no longer feel that I can write my heart to the page anymore. No longer can I express anything but the trivialities my day, often pointless words with a 'symbolic smile' in the form of ':D' pasted afterwards. Seems I have joined the crowd "All in uniform? Fall in line." ...And I hate that. Maybe I should quote a film or some lyric from a film and palm it off as something witty and original? Maybe...

Or maybe I should stop caring about what people think? Perhaps. Just a shame then, It wouldn't be so difficult if these weren't the very people I care most about. Seems I'll wait instead; one day my hand will write again, one day.


Saturday, 10 July 2010


It was today after more messing about that I realised anyone could write a half decent catchy song; heck I've been playing since December and I have the ability to write some really nice sounding stuff. All you need is a simple melody to get you started.

There's a particular favourite chord progression I've been following lately and it is made up of just three simple chords (A, B, G, A). Like the song 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol, its brilliance lies in its simplicity; well that and the overall brilliant lyrics! The two go hand in hand.

So to start simple is always a good idea, riff writing isn't hard, it's the rest of the arrangement that takes time. I often start with the bass notes to make the initial melody and have it loop over and over while I find high notes often on the bottom strings (G, B, e). I create a repeating plucked riff to follow the bass melody, often made up of the same notes as the bass-line, it's never complicated, it's just something to further accent the bass riff (use Chasing Cars for a reference point).

It's at this point where things start to get interesting. You basically have the makings of a really cool riff going on. I tend to mess around with guitar distortion or maybe a high end solo piece, once again nothing complicated, 'cause well I'm not that good! But anything you can play, as long as it follows the 'root notes' will add something to the riff.

I have had a lot of fun just messing about with ideas and adding extra bits to the melody. It is really great practise too, it really gets you using the whole the guitar too. So for me; it's a really brilliant way to improve your guitar work if like me you've not been playing for long.


Monday, 14 June 2010

The oldest song

I've been wondering about the lyrics to my oldest song, wondering how to write them. I keep on listening to songs for inspiration. Those lyrics move me in a way nothing else could then I wonder; can I truly write something as compelling and perfect as this?

I think I can.

I know what I want to say. I dedicated it to my best friend long before I could even play the guitar vaguely well, I think this song is the reason why I'm so determined to improve my guitar work, amazing, without this song I would not be playing guitar today.

Yet it remains incomplete.

I'm getting to the point where there isn't any excuse but to not finish it, after all I now own an electric guitar and I have the musical based means to finish the song. The only reason I don't finish it is for fear of my lyrics not being particularly impressive.

I won't know unless I try ay? :)


Thursday, 10 June 2010

My loneliness

Then nothing.
Now I'm not sure what I'm to do.

I drew for hours on end,
cast bold colours in reckless strikes.
Formed shapeless anger,
I formed words to paper.
One word read;

I moved on to my music.
The chords formed
and minors rung true.
I ended up singing one song over
and over,
to no relief.
Loneliness still stalked me.

I took my poison
and hoped for the best.
But the worst came true,
my mind wouldn't shake this thing.

I tried to walk it off,
I trod in the amber light of night.
My music swimming around my head,
it swam in the wrong direction.
Seems I can't shake this notion.

I ran.
Jumped on through,
avoiding trees and bushes,
just running to nothing,
for nothing;
nothing but to clear my mind.

A numb thud rung through,
I spun through the air.
Cast to the cold ground,
staring up,
my jaw left hurting,
"Fucking tree".

My confused mind thought of only one thing,
something I've been trying to run from.
The same thing that has been with me all along.
My loneliness.

I lay motionless,
staring to the sky,
nothing by my side.
Lost to the beauty of the day.

I only wish that I didn't have to face it alone.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Something that wont be

I awoke to a sun half covered by a white blanket, its light sept through, and the blue that broke through, it made peace with every callous sight that witnessed its wonder. I store on out from my warm home, through a window pane split to four by pure white plastic, the look was deemed fashionable.

I looked and wondered about you and thought, is she at work at the moment or Is she at home? Should I call around tonight or should I leave my thoughts to an assuming mind? I look and think too often, I never act on impulse. So an eve passes and I'm back home, looking out from my window.

I looked on out down, towards your house, past the green fence and towards the conservatory windows. They were lit bold by cream covered blinds, French by design. I store right on through and wondered, thought about who lay behind them. Your mother and father watching something on TV, you sat faraway, cast in the dim blue of your computer screen, playing some game, just doing anything to take your mind away from the trivialities of the real world. Wondering about him, perhaps stealing an odd thought about me? Maybe I'm not in your mind at all, maybe it's just you escaping from everything through a false reality.

But how I do remember how you were.I heard your dry wit and strength, how you hid behind it. Your mind opened and I caught a glimpse; underneath you are as fragile as every girl that I've met. Beneath all of that intelligence and layers of obvious individuality, you were just a girl lost by life. so I wonder almost every day about you. But I walk by and keep on walking, wondering about you.


Friday, 28 May 2010

The big comedown

It was strange to note how everything change.
One phrase from you lips was all it took.
Such words torn jagged through,
Such guilt and foolishness filled me.

deafening silence,
a muddle of logical mess,
my saddest happiness I hid behind.
Just to be kind.

Lowly sighs,
music, alcohol
and the words that were said
spinning around me,
taunting my head,
stealing all the happiness I held.

Desperately drowning in the sound,
horrible alcohol,
a bottle of cheap spirits.
I took the bottle
and drunk from its neck.
It's poison was met smiling
by a welcoming cringe.

Words replaced by a World spinning,
thoughts weren't certain.
Flat on my back,
fingers felt nothing,
my legs felt nothing,
I was only in my mind.

The bottle rolled across bare grounds,
A stray welling lingers by my eye,
those words weren't quenched by my intoxication.
They stained every thought in surreal insanity instead.

Howling silently, ringing violently
pain slicing and twisting through me.
The torn crimson and pitched black were all I could see.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Such a day

How surreal it seemed to hear such a laugh passing from her lips, amazing was such a day. I Never knew someone could be so funny, no girl has ever made me laugh like that; I didn't think it was possible. But our laughs kept on coming boldly and then quietly as I remembered the hour was late (my folks were sleeping in the next room).

I begun to wish that I was right there with her. How much funnier would it have been to see her crumble to the ground in hysterics? And to watch me trip as I try to pick her up? What a sight it would have been to see two laughing fools rolling about the floor. Such a day will come I'm sure.

I wouldn't of traded this night for another, to me it was one of those nights that I'll never forget. For a day that started off so poorly I couldn't have expected it to have shone so brightly by the end. It was her birthday.

We talked for hours, it seemed little more than minutes to me, I wish I had the day. I don't think that I could run out of things to say and laugh about with her, I'm not sure I can, ever. So bring on the evening and night so I can spend it right, bring it on so I can talk with her tonight.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Happy, nostaglic.

So I rolled out of bed quite late, the sun was shining, the chirps and whistles of songbirds filled the air. I was a day off. I got me some lunch and started my day of lounging and chilling. Albeit I say that then I went into the garage to make some noise on my drumkit, the weather warranted it I think.

I hadn't played in a week so to be fair I started of rather numb, playing like I was drunk; I lacked certainty and precision. A couple songs in and I was soon on form again. I begun to play some old songs I remembered from my youth.

I started to play some Van Halen.

It took me right back to a particular summer, I think it was my happiest childhood summer. The warmth of the air, those smiling friends I used to see everyday. Walking about the town, playing football on the green, staying out all day and returning in a clear, twilit sky. Those were the days I didn't have any cares; I was happy personified. I was thinking about those times, it's amazing how one song can bring back so much.

I was hardly paying any attention to my drumming as my mind escaped. My hits were getting harder, the kicker was being kicked to oblivion, my cymbals were all spinning about their axis erratically, my snare drum was getting the beating of its life. With every hit, every smash I found myself deeper in this dream.

My mum came into the garage, she'd had enough (she hates my drumming anyway). I was told to stop my racket. Mum had woken me from my past, brought me back into reality. I only wish that I could of had one more song ...then another and another. I could have played all day long, I could have played until the clear twilit sky loomed overhead.

But alas I'm happy enough, it brought a smile to my face to remember all those memories.

So what was the song you ask?
It was 'Why Can't This Be Love' by 'Van Halen'

So with all that in mind; which songs takes you guys back to your happiest times?


Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Necklace

The warmth around my neck takes me back;
Swings with my routine.
The shining gold ticks like your beating heart;
It ticks with mine.
The constant brushes against my chest remind me of that day.
The day I met you.

The days pass and I begin to wonder if I ever did,
The necklace brushes by my heart again.
So I take its warmth in my hand,
I make sure it’s still really there;
I think of you.
You are always here.

My mind casts back the journey home,
I remember being lost in thoughts of you;
Your necklace in my hand.
The glimmering front passes to my lips again,
I wonder where you are now.
I wonder when I’ll see you again.

The delicate welling in my eyes;
I remember perfect thoughts of you.
Nostalgic of that day over and over,
Your necklace in my hand.

I whisper I love you,
With you in my hands.


Tainted Sun

Come the day with such emptiness.
Rise a morning sun struck down
and muted.
Stamped in place his grey soul;
you wallow in their callous smiles.

The Isolated sun is surrounded by a storm.
There lies a shipwreck rotting,
relentlessly rocking and forced;
Battered and broken.
his feeble warmth is lost.

Lashings of stinging ice jab into sides,
breaking through,
and flow crimson wine into the seas claws.
Bled dry of all value and meaning,
left to the mercy of the deepest ocean.
You fell through to nothing.

Your warmth forgotten,
replaced by black,
a husk so rotten,
so twisted,
that your beauty can never come back.

Through the dark,
watch as cackling waves pass over-head.
Stare on up and will the sun back.
Come through the drabbest clouds,
pierce through the waves
and strike the sky clear of
every laugh.

Break through a stunned storm,
silence its mayhem
and leave your mark.
So the storm may never return,
ruin every shrieking cloud,
evaporate every gaunt look to nothing.

all but the morning sun,
left to shine.
the storm broken like his fear.
He had lost something that day,
but he was left to shine,
stained in crimson forever.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Thank You :)

Hi Everyone, I'm Hind from My.Paintings First of all, I'd like to thank Joey for the wonderful post he wrote to me as a guest and for giving me the chance to write him a thanking note in his amazing blog. So I'm very happy to be doing this blog guest thing with Joey.

Well, I suppose I have to introduce myself before anything else! I'm a painting artist who runs an inspiration blog called My. Paintings. I post everything that inspires me, photography, art works, fashion, music, design, home interiors...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My grandfathers clock

So my brother visited Northern Ireland a couple of weeks ago to see the Irish side of our family, he didn't come back empty handed. He brought back with him some old photo's of my old man and the same brother as a wee nipper.

But more more interesting was the pair of old pocket watches he had. They belonged to my grandfather and perhaps even my great grandfather, one of the watches dates back to 1893! It was very interesting holding this thing, it has such a nice weight to it, it's condition is impeccable, all it needed was some brasso and a wind up. It works like the day it was made.

So In slight awe of this piece of brilliant engineering I decided to do my own edit of the watch, a kind of ode to the past in a way. Please do comment on all aspects of the picture, thanks all!


So apparently

Apparently I have a talent,
Though I don't see it as talent.
Apparently ways to express
don't come natural to most.
But expression is all we know.

"It seems rather than enticing
that we would rather be the ones enticed."

By the arts,
by all forms of awe.
But we all express,
we always want to express more.

So when you say I have a talent,
I say I'm not nearly as talented
as I could be.
I say I can't be talented:

For I am simply a man,
expressing himself.


Sunday, 16 May 2010

A typical day

I woke up to the glory of a grey sky,
I read the table-side clock as my eye
stumbled on by.

Their focus swept in and out,
my weighty arms carried sticky palms
and my fingers grasped and flailed about.

I pulled the clock to see the time clearer,
surely my mind plays tricks.
I pulled my eyes nearer.

"Oh shit"
There was somewhere that I was supposed to be.
Or was there?
My mind is still so numb.

I rushed about,
my frantic brain raced,
I reached for the door,
doubts burst and flew on through.

shoes and
there's something missing?

The keys weren't in my jacket,
they couldn't be found in baggy jeans
nor the table side draws.

I looked about the chairs and floors,
The table by the front door.

I stole the keys from their slumber,
they chimed as they flung.
I placed them to the lock and stopped.

I froze mid motion.
My doubting mind had realised;

"I didn't have anywhere to be this day."


Saturday, 15 May 2010

So where was I?

So here it is;

I've been busy.

Yup! Rather strangely I have been able to keep myself ticking over for the last couple of days and that is without much computer to inbetween. So things as they say could be a lot worse my end. Now I'm sure you are expecting a huge wall of text about what I've been up to, maybe I'd throw a few dry witted observations and musings in there too? Well perhaps. But that would take far too much time out of my hugely 'busy' schedule, so I give it to you in short hand instead:

So things have been going rather well, I've been off since Monday ...And yes it is taken holiday, there aren't any illnesses to be had my end. As you'd expect I spent the first few days with some really great ideas. I initially set out to get some recording done because well as you'd expect; I play instruments. I am rather partial to the drums and guitar but the recording was going to be guitar based.

I failed miserably.

Instead I managed to go through quite a considerable amount of alcohol and and port based wine. I basically sung karaoke and watched films, which to be honest was a rather enjoyable experience. I do not spend enough time dealing in simple pleasures such as those.

So come and roll on the weekend, it always begins with Friday they say. My brothers and my sister to be were coming over for the weekend. So lest to say, I had to clear up the shrine of my trials; countless bottles went into the recycling bin, pizza boxes and empty packets were disposed of without a passing thought. The house was spotless by the end, hands smelt of bleach.

Roll on Friday afternoon.

My brother (I have four by the way) brought over the guitar and amp, after greetings and a sit down there was an awkward obligatory silence. Broken by the word:


We proceeded to the garage (where my drumkit is) and had a jam. I forget the songs we played, it kind of just turned into one big improv session of me hitting anything in my reach and him just playing some riff he wrote as he went along. We traded places and we did the same in opposite positions although (I reluctantly state) my guitar work left a lot to be desired, I just played punk riffs to cover up my lacking guitar skills.

The night was ended in the haze a numb mind, I drunk yet more beer and port. I probably sung karaoke for endless hours with my future sister. Although strangely I awoke with a clear mind in the glorious rays of a middays sun, I was well rested. I got me a chip butty and a coffee.

And all was right with the World.

Now I'm left with the rather blunt notion and a silent hope that tonight will end in an as favourable manner as last night. So all there is left to say is:

Bring it on!


P.S I apologise for lying to you the reader. I had no intention of writing my activities in short hand/bullet point form I confess. But all the same you kept on reading, now that is dedication. I applaud you.