Monday, 14 June 2010

The oldest song

I've been wondering about the lyrics to my oldest song, wondering how to write them. I keep on listening to songs for inspiration. Those lyrics move me in a way nothing else could then I wonder; can I truly write something as compelling and perfect as this?

I think I can.

I know what I want to say. I dedicated it to my best friend long before I could even play the guitar vaguely well, I think this song is the reason why I'm so determined to improve my guitar work, amazing, without this song I would not be playing guitar today.

Yet it remains incomplete.

I'm getting to the point where there isn't any excuse but to not finish it, after all I now own an electric guitar and I have the musical based means to finish the song. The only reason I don't finish it is for fear of my lyrics not being particularly impressive.

I won't know unless I try ay? :)


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  1. I missed reading your posts... you take me to your world by your way of writing :)))