Monday, 26 July 2010

Silent words

There's something in the air,
muted electricity spins in the breeze.
Thinking fast, thoughts revolve,
time is lost
to the bitter-sweet workings of the mind.

Notions felt honest, it's true,
I saw something change in your gaze that night.
A rosier hue shines,
glistens, echoes through my mind.
But our smiles stutter in a silent conviction.
So why should it be so difficult to speak?
When all the words I need
are spinning thoughts waiting to be uttered.

I've written a thousand pages of thoughts for you,
they're all spoken through my face,
my expressions tell only truths;
Seems without needing to speak,
You've read them all.

So today words may seem hard to find,
but tomorrow;
I see its only shroud shine
in the excitement of something worth shouting about,
in someone worth living to hold.
I want reach out and grasp;
but for the time it would take me to reach
the World may have changed forever.

So let the World change,
Time can only bring me closer to you.

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