Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Necklace

The warmth around my neck takes me back;
Swings with my routine.
The shining gold ticks like your beating heart;
It ticks with mine.
The constant brushes against my chest remind me of that day.
The day I met you.

The days pass and I begin to wonder if I ever did,
The necklace brushes by my heart again.
So I take its warmth in my hand,
I make sure it’s still really there;
I think of you.
You are always here.

My mind casts back the journey home,
I remember being lost in thoughts of you;
Your necklace in my hand.
The glimmering front passes to my lips again,
I wonder where you are now.
I wonder when I’ll see you again.

The delicate welling in my eyes;
I remember perfect thoughts of you.
Nostalgic of that day over and over,
Your necklace in my hand.

I whisper I love you,
With you in my hands.



  1. You brought me to tears reading this, Is this the necklace you told me about?

    very beautiful poem :)

  2. This is Kamie's necklace, I have worn it everyday since I met her.

    To me it is a personal poem to her and only her.
    I just care about her so much, it brings tears to my eyes just talking about it.

    Bless you :)