Friday, 28 May 2010

The big comedown

It was strange to note how everything change.
One phrase from you lips was all it took.
Such words torn jagged through,
Such guilt and foolishness filled me.

deafening silence,
a muddle of logical mess,
my saddest happiness I hid behind.
Just to be kind.

Lowly sighs,
music, alcohol
and the words that were said
spinning around me,
taunting my head,
stealing all the happiness I held.

Desperately drowning in the sound,
horrible alcohol,
a bottle of cheap spirits.
I took the bottle
and drunk from its neck.
It's poison was met smiling
by a welcoming cringe.

Words replaced by a World spinning,
thoughts weren't certain.
Flat on my back,
fingers felt nothing,
my legs felt nothing,
I was only in my mind.

The bottle rolled across bare grounds,
A stray welling lingers by my eye,
those words weren't quenched by my intoxication.
They stained every thought in surreal insanity instead.

Howling silently, ringing violently
pain slicing and twisting through me.
The torn crimson and pitched black were all I could see.


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