Monday, 24 May 2010

Happy, nostaglic.

So I rolled out of bed quite late, the sun was shining, the chirps and whistles of songbirds filled the air. I was a day off. I got me some lunch and started my day of lounging and chilling. Albeit I say that then I went into the garage to make some noise on my drumkit, the weather warranted it I think.

I hadn't played in a week so to be fair I started of rather numb, playing like I was drunk; I lacked certainty and precision. A couple songs in and I was soon on form again. I begun to play some old songs I remembered from my youth.

I started to play some Van Halen.

It took me right back to a particular summer, I think it was my happiest childhood summer. The warmth of the air, those smiling friends I used to see everyday. Walking about the town, playing football on the green, staying out all day and returning in a clear, twilit sky. Those were the days I didn't have any cares; I was happy personified. I was thinking about those times, it's amazing how one song can bring back so much.

I was hardly paying any attention to my drumming as my mind escaped. My hits were getting harder, the kicker was being kicked to oblivion, my cymbals were all spinning about their axis erratically, my snare drum was getting the beating of its life. With every hit, every smash I found myself deeper in this dream.

My mum came into the garage, she'd had enough (she hates my drumming anyway). I was told to stop my racket. Mum had woken me from my past, brought me back into reality. I only wish that I could of had one more song ...then another and another. I could have played all day long, I could have played until the clear twilit sky loomed overhead.

But alas I'm happy enough, it brought a smile to my face to remember all those memories.

So what was the song you ask?
It was 'Why Can't This Be Love' by 'Van Halen'

So with all that in mind; which songs takes you guys back to your happiest times?


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