Thursday, 22 July 2010

Swimming in the Sun

Drove on by schools of smiling faces,
walking in a weaving linear streak,
dressed in vibrancy,
smiling in the sun.
Their bare legs and chests blessed,
welcomed by the warmth of a breeze as I drove on by.

Parked by surfboards and ice creams stands,
colourful words stained to signs.
Wound down closed windows to
the enticing smell of burgers
lingering, swirling through the salty air.

Sat and stared out to open blue
with wispy streaks
chalked to the sky by a winds slow hand.
Watched as they skipped on through,
the yellow sands contoured
to the patting of small feet
leaving a trail of cheery laughs as they pass by.

Naive and carefree,
young and excited.

Chasing eachother between pitched tents,
leaping, daringly over sore bodies left in the sun.
Twisting, darting between walking pairs;
their perfect serenity broken
by the electricity of being young.

Following the waters glistening edge,
walk a silver haired couple,
hands linked tightly, swinging in the breeze.
Opposite hands close to mouths grip chilled vanilla,
smiling tongues lick in a dignified, reserved manner
as slow steps followed the swelling of a turning tide.

Splash! Towards the distance
playing in the gentle waves,
a dozen boys thrash up shining,
malleable pearls toward one another.
Diving, breaking through the rippling glass.
A scattering of swashed white,
flashed, as stretched bodies disappeared below.

Tap tap, the tapping of an eager foot,
Her bouncing leg on carpet itching to join in.
I turned my head to her,
smirking with my crooked smile
and spoke with muted excitement

"So, what are you waiting for?"

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