Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sea, sun, earth. Love.

Like the nights eager lips hush the days innocence,

Like two stars shine –sweet and deeply intent,

Like the moons needy glow feels her waves.

Like a calm tide’s hand caresses a curved beach,

Like two currents -hot and cold- twist and turn,

Like the warm breeze teases the peaking dunes.

Like rolling clouds brim for the storms moan,

Like electricity streaming, screaming to the ground.

Like the shuddering thunder shakes the Earth.

Like sea and earth swirl in rhythmic bliss,

I’ll be there swirling in your love.


  1. lovely words :) you are amazing

  2. Thank you Hind! :$ :D Your comments and support always mean a lot to me. I've started to write proper poetry again so expect more posts! :D

    It's a shame that I don't get to talk with you so much these days, I miss our chats. I hope that you're doing well :)