Thursday, 27 May 2010

Such a day

How surreal it seemed to hear such a laugh passing from her lips, amazing was such a day. I Never knew someone could be so funny, no girl has ever made me laugh like that; I didn't think it was possible. But our laughs kept on coming boldly and then quietly as I remembered the hour was late (my folks were sleeping in the next room).

I begun to wish that I was right there with her. How much funnier would it have been to see her crumble to the ground in hysterics? And to watch me trip as I try to pick her up? What a sight it would have been to see two laughing fools rolling about the floor. Such a day will come I'm sure.

I wouldn't of traded this night for another, to me it was one of those nights that I'll never forget. For a day that started off so poorly I couldn't have expected it to have shone so brightly by the end. It was her birthday.

We talked for hours, it seemed little more than minutes to me, I wish I had the day. I don't think that I could run out of things to say and laugh about with her, I'm not sure I can, ever. So bring on the evening and night so I can spend it right, bring it on so I can talk with her tonight.



  1. The photo you chose is perfect for the subject, Amazing post..

    :) Missed you

  2. I drew that picture for Kamie's birthday. I don't consider myself an artist but it is picture that I have wanted to draw for a long long time.

    Thank you so much :D