Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Star-Crossed Veil

Separate, by inclined land and callous winds;

By their empty majesty she looks from across the ocean.

Peaceful brushes and swashes soothe sands,

But it is not their soothing sound she wishes for.

Cities and seas apart, but they still beat with one heart.

So wishes adorn the sky, like holes in heaven,

Like her dreams, like a night filled with fictitious fantasies;

They trail in streaks, many, to the place where he lays,

Where he dreams and wishes upon the same streak of stars.

Cities and seas apart, but they still beat with one heart.

How they held hands for one day, but, they were too shy to say;

To speak of thrilled emotions,

And to exist in the dreams of their truest loves morality.

How regret stems, it’s found in words, those holey stars and dreams.

Cities and seas apart, but they still beat with one heart.

So with cities and seas abode, they remain,

Staring to stars, finally confessing shared love,

They talked through the swift sweeping wind,

Soon senseless, feral thoughts were borne from eachother’s stars.

Cities and seas apart, but they’ll always beat with one heart.

Confessions of love undying, of two souls connected,

How such synch, such seduction is abided.

They spoke of a love-filled life;

One that would lift the veil of their star-struck dreams

And bring them together in a perfect moment,

That would last ‘till the end of everything…

And a day.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Dreamer

Through fabric fold the golden rays revolve,

They rudely rouse a dreamer from her meditation.

She’s pulled to life –if life is what we call reality.

Wiping the day from her delicate eyes she sighs;

Wishing for the man’s sand to take her to her dreams once more.

But, it is not his sand, but rather his lips she dreams for;

It’s his subtle senses and his willing, trembling touch she craves.

For a moment she dreams awake

–its awareness is more accomplished than her lonely day ever could be.

And like twilight, it’s unspoiled, just for a moment, it’s perfect.

Until the birds chirped cheerful melodies that led her away;

They’re the sharp shadow in her light, stealing his memory away.

The sand is all but gone; so the day shines with an attempted remedy.

A failed potion of joy cast in the day;

All is but tedious tears to a soul roused before her dreams fruition.

Before her lover’s truest trade of vows were realised…

So, she’ll dream again until her dream is reality,

Until her life is filled with his revolving rays.

Until those vows resolve her lonely days,

With the match of a lover’s truest kiss,

All her nights will become truer than her deepest, perfect dream.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

The innocence of a beach

She’s a calm beach

Overlooking the naive gentle breeze as it whistles.

A distant chaos sways the tall grass,

Tying a blanket of gritty sand into her pristine view.

Her skies cloud with churning black,

Their long doubt-ridden fingers grasp;

They shroud the clarity with the welling of her sky

And thunder with laughter at her trembling dunes.

The beating tide creeps,

Their flowing rhythm met by her seized banks.

Erratic lightening beats, hurtling through the turmoil,

Tossing her harmless virtue away.

They strike again through her open port,

Wrecking her boat-filled morals and silly-heart dreams.

Churning and twisting, welling and pouring;

In a flashing storm,

Her beliefs of innocence were all thrown to disarray.

The wind howled and screeched lashing at the sand,

With it, the tide was so swollen against the beach;

Throwing broken ships to forever pollute her purity.

She’s a tainted beach,

Overlooking the thunder with welling skies as it scurries away.

She’s lost in the chaos of the storm that broke her;

The one that ruined her naive innocence,


Sunday, 13 February 2011

A glimpse of heaven

The mind’s been enticed by a glimpse of heaven…

The shell has been cracked and I’m vulnerable,

Yet, I feel more alive than I ever did before.

Those malleable moments of twisting chaos lead me to this place;

And now I don’t want to return to what I was…

How could I?

But I’m being taken away from this, by voices in the haze.

My strength is waning in the presence of those annoying,

Selfish screams. They’re bitterly pulling

And stealing me, from my serene reality…

How could they?

The mind’s been enticed by a glimpse of heaven…

The body’s frail and my speedy heart’s exposed,

Yet, I feel for the first time that everything makes sense.

Those zooming bright lights that blinded (for a time) lead to this place;

And now I can’t return to what I was…

How could I?

But I’m being taken away from this, by toneless voices each moment.

My resolve to stay is stronger in the presence of every harsh,

Bitter gesture. Yet, they still selfishly pine.

They’re holding me, leading me away from my perfect reality…

How could they?

The mind’s been enticed by a glimpse of heaven…

When I’m in these moments of surrender I’m home,

The sight of her face mesmerizes the hurt to nothing;

These aches, bruises and scars disappear when she sweetly speaks.

I will never return to what I was…

How could I?

So I’ll run from those egotistic hands to be with you,

I’ll speed through, flouting this nightmarish life

Taking your kind embrace instead.

I’ll run down the road that leads me to my perfect reality

Because the mind’s been enticed by a glimpse of heaven.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Days and times

It’s just music keeping me here;
Just the words she says, only they eager a smile.
Other times,
It’s just breathing wind filling these lungs;
Just the warmth of those lips filling me with life.

Days and times,
They pass with memories flowing through me;
They kiss like her, with hope for the next day.

It’s just those pictures keeping me here;
Just the beauty she has, only they free my mind.
Other times,
It’s just an embrace keeping me here;
Just her shield saving me, taking me from the World.

Days and times,
They pass with love flowing through me;
They hold like her, with hope for every day.

Every day,
It’s a perfect day to love,
Every perfect day is because of her.

It’s all because of her.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sea, sun, earth. Love.

Like the nights eager lips hush the days innocence,

Like two stars shine –sweet and deeply intent,

Like the moons needy glow feels her waves.

Like a calm tide’s hand caresses a curved beach,

Like two currents -hot and cold- twist and turn,

Like the warm breeze teases the peaking dunes.

Like rolling clouds brim for the storms moan,

Like electricity streaming, screaming to the ground.

Like the shuddering thunder shakes the Earth.

Like sea and earth swirl in rhythmic bliss,

I’ll be there swirling in your love.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Forgotten words

Seems time is wasted,
too often it's lost to waiting.
Play your music and ponder,
"you think too much..."
Seems she only thought too much of you.

You Beat your mind to a pulp,
telling yourself it'll heal with time.
But time'll only heal if you stop staring;
Sepia is a bitter-sweet colour.

Walk on by, cycle swirling thoughts,
stand still and lean, ask yourself again,
why do you wait?

Seems the sun shines cold,
adds little cheer to your day
you prefer the cloud and rain.
"you think too much..."
Seems you think nothing of her at all.

You slice your tears away
just to rid your mind of pain,
you make it bleed in crimson red
and stare blissfully fixated at its serenity.

Just walk on by,
leave the past behind,
stand tall and embrace, ask yourself again,
why don't you smile?

Seems you're losing touch,
can't you see my open hand?
I'm waiting to take you away.
I would do anything to end this,
this vicious cycle that rages within you.

Can't you stop staring at those crimson tears?

I would do anything to stop your blade,
I would do anything to hold you safe,
I would do anything at all,
anything to make you happy,
anything at all.