Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tainted Sun

Come the day with such emptiness.
Rise a morning sun struck down
and muted.
Stamped in place his grey soul;
you wallow in their callous smiles.

The Isolated sun is surrounded by a storm.
There lies a shipwreck rotting,
relentlessly rocking and forced;
Battered and broken.
his feeble warmth is lost.

Lashings of stinging ice jab into sides,
breaking through,
and flow crimson wine into the seas claws.
Bled dry of all value and meaning,
left to the mercy of the deepest ocean.
You fell through to nothing.

Your warmth forgotten,
replaced by black,
a husk so rotten,
so twisted,
that your beauty can never come back.

Through the dark,
watch as cackling waves pass over-head.
Stare on up and will the sun back.
Come through the drabbest clouds,
pierce through the waves
and strike the sky clear of
every laugh.

Break through a stunned storm,
silence its mayhem
and leave your mark.
So the storm may never return,
ruin every shrieking cloud,
evaporate every gaunt look to nothing.

all but the morning sun,
left to shine.
the storm broken like his fear.
He had lost something that day,
but he was left to shine,
stained in crimson forever.


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