Monday, 14 June 2010

The oldest song

I've been wondering about the lyrics to my oldest song, wondering how to write them. I keep on listening to songs for inspiration. Those lyrics move me in a way nothing else could then I wonder; can I truly write something as compelling and perfect as this?

I think I can.

I know what I want to say. I dedicated it to my best friend long before I could even play the guitar vaguely well, I think this song is the reason why I'm so determined to improve my guitar work, amazing, without this song I would not be playing guitar today.

Yet it remains incomplete.

I'm getting to the point where there isn't any excuse but to not finish it, after all I now own an electric guitar and I have the musical based means to finish the song. The only reason I don't finish it is for fear of my lyrics not being particularly impressive.

I won't know unless I try ay? :)


Thursday, 10 June 2010

My loneliness

Then nothing.
Now I'm not sure what I'm to do.

I drew for hours on end,
cast bold colours in reckless strikes.
Formed shapeless anger,
I formed words to paper.
One word read;

I moved on to my music.
The chords formed
and minors rung true.
I ended up singing one song over
and over,
to no relief.
Loneliness still stalked me.

I took my poison
and hoped for the best.
But the worst came true,
my mind wouldn't shake this thing.

I tried to walk it off,
I trod in the amber light of night.
My music swimming around my head,
it swam in the wrong direction.
Seems I can't shake this notion.

I ran.
Jumped on through,
avoiding trees and bushes,
just running to nothing,
for nothing;
nothing but to clear my mind.

A numb thud rung through,
I spun through the air.
Cast to the cold ground,
staring up,
my jaw left hurting,
"Fucking tree".

My confused mind thought of only one thing,
something I've been trying to run from.
The same thing that has been with me all along.
My loneliness.

I lay motionless,
staring to the sky,
nothing by my side.
Lost to the beauty of the day.

I only wish that I didn't have to face it alone.