Monday, 16 August 2010

Forgotten words

Seems time is wasted,
too often it's lost to waiting.
Play your music and ponder,
"you think too much..."
Seems she only thought too much of you.

You Beat your mind to a pulp,
telling yourself it'll heal with time.
But time'll only heal if you stop staring;
Sepia is a bitter-sweet colour.

Walk on by, cycle swirling thoughts,
stand still and lean, ask yourself again,
why do you wait?

Seems the sun shines cold,
adds little cheer to your day
you prefer the cloud and rain.
"you think too much..."
Seems you think nothing of her at all.

You slice your tears away
just to rid your mind of pain,
you make it bleed in crimson red
and stare blissfully fixated at its serenity.

Just walk on by,
leave the past behind,
stand tall and embrace, ask yourself again,
why don't you smile?

Seems you're losing touch,
can't you see my open hand?
I'm waiting to take you away.
I would do anything to end this,
this vicious cycle that rages within you.

Can't you stop staring at those crimson tears?

I would do anything to stop your blade,
I would do anything to hold you safe,
I would do anything at all,
anything to make you happy,
anything at all.

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