Thursday, 31 March 2011

The innocence of a beach

She’s a calm beach

Overlooking the naive gentle breeze as it whistles.

A distant chaos sways the tall grass,

Tying a blanket of gritty sand into her pristine view.

Her skies cloud with churning black,

Their long doubt-ridden fingers grasp;

They shroud the clarity with the welling of her sky

And thunder with laughter at her trembling dunes.

The beating tide creeps,

Their flowing rhythm met by her seized banks.

Erratic lightening beats, hurtling through the turmoil,

Tossing her harmless virtue away.

They strike again through her open port,

Wrecking her boat-filled morals and silly-heart dreams.

Churning and twisting, welling and pouring;

In a flashing storm,

Her beliefs of innocence were all thrown to disarray.

The wind howled and screeched lashing at the sand,

With it, the tide was so swollen against the beach;

Throwing broken ships to forever pollute her purity.

She’s a tainted beach,

Overlooking the thunder with welling skies as it scurries away.

She’s lost in the chaos of the storm that broke her;

The one that ruined her naive innocence,