Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I often turn to words when the mind is left to wander. Often they show different sides to me, sometimes sides lost to mist. Other times, sides absorbed in the notion of someone; but all are of emotion. All are honest to my heart. I'm often told that my words affect people, they make them think or feel and that: "I should never stop writing"...

Strange then it seems; I haven't written anything meaningful in the longest time. Have I placed my emotions all to ink and paper? I think that I've barely even drafted them.

It seems rather than running out of emotions to talk about that I've succumb to 'expectations' instead. It saddens me to admit it; I no longer feel that I can write my heart to the page anymore. No longer can I express anything but the trivialities my day, often pointless words with a 'symbolic smile' in the form of ':D' pasted afterwards. Seems I have joined the crowd "All in uniform? Fall in line." ...And I hate that. Maybe I should quote a film or some lyric from a film and palm it off as something witty and original? Maybe...

Or maybe I should stop caring about what people think? Perhaps. Just a shame then, It wouldn't be so difficult if these weren't the very people I care most about. Seems I'll wait instead; one day my hand will write again, one day.


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